Martin McElligott

Martin McElligott

Managing Director
Outsourcing Services Sales

About Martin McElligott

Marty McElligott joined The Bank of New York Mellon in 1996 and in 2008 joined the Sales Team within our Outsourcing Services group.  In his current position, he is responsible for introducing our capabilities to our potential outsourcing clients and for coordinating the various service teams to demonstrate the value of a partnership with BNY Mellon.

Marty’s previous experience is in accounting, operations, client service, relationship management, and product development provides him with a breadth and depth of knowledge to understand our clients’ business goals. It has also afforded an extensive industry knowledge relating to the operational aspects of supporting the investment process. Marty is an integral member of the Middle Office Solutions team who has led some of the largest middle office outsourcing transactions on behalf of BNY Mellon.

Marty received a Bachelors of Arts in Economics from University of Pittsburgh in 1994.


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