Eric Moore

Eric Moore

Clearance & Collateral Management

About Eric Moore

Eric Moore is a Director in the Clearance & Collateral Management division of BNY Mellon and leads the Global Clearing business for North America as well as Relationship Executive for Global Collateral clients in Canada. Eric joined BNY Mellon in 2007 and has held global positions with the firm in both New York and London.

His responsibilities include managing the strategic direction and oversight of the Global Clearing business in the North America region; and management of all Global Collateral client relationships in the Canadian market.

As a business lead and relationship executive, Eric partners with firm-wide resources (marketing, legal, compliance, technology, governance teams etc.) to ensure client needs are being addressed and to proactively inform clients of industry developments, BNY Mellon product enhancements and thought leadership.

Eric’s previous roles included being a senior lead of the Chief Administrative & Governance management team for the Broker-Dealer Services division. Responsibilities included strategic business and financial planning, business integration and organizational management, in addition to being a business lead for Finance, Technology, Marketing, Human Resources and Governance teams.

Eric played a key role in the formation of the BNY Mellon wholly owned subsidiary BNY Mellon Government Securities Services Corp. and its dedicated Board of Directors, to further enhance capabilities, governance, transparency and resiliency in the U.S. government securities clearance and tri-party repo businesses.

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