Bill Kelly

Bill Kelly

Managing Director and Global Head of Agency Securities Finance
BNY Mellon Markets

About Bill Kelly

Bill Kelly directs the agency securities finance business for BNY Mellon Markets. His experience in the securities industry spans over 20 years.

He joined BNY Mellon in 2002 after 13 years with Deutsche Bank (Bankers Trust). His responsibilities at Deutsche Bank were managing the global sales and client management activities of the Global Portfolio Management Group, which was responsible for both securities lending and short term money management products. Prior to these assignments, Bill was responsible for the Insurance Industry Custody Group at Bankers Trust where he had sales, client management, operations and administration reporting to him.

Bill is active in the Risk Management Association (RMA) and he is a frequent speaker and panel participant at Securities Lending industry conferences. Bill holds a B.S. degree from Eastern Connecticut State College.

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