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Andrew Lapkin

Chief Executive Officer

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Mr. Lapkin is Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for overall management of the firm. HedgeMark operates a managed account platform integrated with a high frequency performance and risk system. Investors invest in hedge funds via commingled managed accounts or via private dedicated managed accounts. Daily (t+1) performance and risk information allows investors to build and maintain multi-manager portfolios of hedge funds with a focus on proper governance, control, transparency and risk management. 

Prior to joining HedgeMark, Mr. Lapkin was the President and Chief Operating Officer of Measurisk, a JP Morgan company that was formerly affiliated with The Bear Stearns Companies. While at Measurisk, a provider of sophisticated risk transparency and risk measurement solutions, Mr. Lapkin worked with more than 1,000 hedge funds, representing over $650 billion in assets, including 75 of the world's largest 100 funds. As a co-founder of Measurisk, Mr. Lapkin was instrumental in the development and oversight of the company's core risk management offerings. He has extensive experience in the areas of managed accounts, hedge fund strategies, holding-based risk analytics and securities analysis, including value-at-risk, stress testing and position-based analytics for multi-manager, multi-asset class, global portfolios.

Prior to forming Measurisk, Mr. Lapkin was a Vice President at Bankers Trust in charge of the development of RAROC 2020, now known as DB Risk Office, BT's comprehensive market risk management system, and as product manager for BT's custody and performance reporting system. Prior to joining Bankers Trust he was a senior consultant at Andersen Consulting.

Mr. Lapkin was awarded an M.B.A. in finance and management from Columbia University and a B.A. in Economics from Lafayette College.

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