Analytical Insights - Q2 2014

Analytical Insights is a quarterly publication providing clients with investment information that can be used in the process of monitoring global assets.

A Message from Debra Baker

Managing Director, Head of Global Risk Solutions
BNY Mellon Asset Servicing

In February 2014, BNY Mellon announced that we signed an agreement to acquire our remaining interest in HedgeMark International, LLC a provider of hedge fund managed account and risk analytic services.  As of May 2014, we successfully completed the acquisition.  

HedgeMark’s capabilities align closely with our Global Risk Solutions services and will help us deliver improved risk reporting and transparency to our clients with significant hedge fund investments.

Specifically, we have integrated HedgeMark’s hedge fund transparency program, the alternative investment transparency foundation and enterprise risk analysis into BNY Mellon Risk ViewSM. This combination enables a comprehensive view of an investor’s total assets, including hedge fund risk exposures integrated with private equity, real estate and other alternatives to provide insight on the risk factors, stress testing and scenario analysis across a total investment program. This forward looking risk analysis also enables investors to construct hypothetical composites including prospective new managers or combinations of portfolios to analyze the expected risk implications of potential allocation changes.

These enhancements represent the continued evolution of our Global Risk Solutions capabilities in the alternative investment space, with a focus on hedge funds and private equity, as we provide transparency and enterprise risk analysis across all asset classes.

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Debra A. Baker