BNY Mellon CSD: A Strategic Answer

June 2014

European market infrastructure is experiencing a period of rapid and profound change as a result of new reforms intended to make the securities markets more efficient for all participants. Operating in the new environment requires new approaches and thinking.

BNY Mellon established a central securities depository (BNY Mellon CSD) to support our clients as they address these new regulatory imperatives and the impact on their business.

BNY Mellon CSD provides issuer, settlement and safekeeping services for the benefit of all market participants across Europe and the wider global marketplace. Drawing upon the vast resources, capabilities and expertise of BNY Mellon, our CSD brings interoperability, harmonization and efficiency to the market.

Chris Prior-Willeard, CEO, BNY Mellon CSD, and Nadine Chakar, Head of Product Development and Strategy, Global Collateral Services, outline the role of BNY Mellon CSD, the implications of  these new regulations, including Target2-Securities (T2S), and share an outlook for the future.