April 04, 2012

Pershing Research Finds Investors Lacking Critical Information About Their Financial Well-Being

Albridge Solutions white paper illustrates need for enhanced personalized investor performance reports

JERSEY CITY, N.J., April 4, 2012 — Albridge Solutions, Inc., an affiliate of Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company, today released a new white paper entitled, "Democratizing the Rate of Return: Real-time Portfolio Performance and Risk Reports for all Investors." Most notably, the research suggests that financial professionals are not providing investors with a comprehensive picture of their financial well-being.

According to the paper, when formulating a financial plan, an investor's current position is assessed, goals are set, an action plan is put into place and a quarterly report is produced providing investment performance against historical values, benchmarks and peers. However, these reports fail to tell investors how their investments and their personal inflows and outflows are performing in the face of market fluctuations and economic volatility. Investors are lacking an accurate and complete picture as to how, or even if, they are achieving their financial goals. 

"Investors are demanding greater information about their investments from their investment professionals and when that need is fulfilled, we find it actually increases investor confidence," said Gregory Pacholski, chief executive officer of Albridge Solutions. "The prevailing fear that providing investors with too much information in a down market will cause them to reconsider their investment is simply unfounded."

One primary goal of an investment professional is to manage as much of an investor's wealth as possible. According to the paper, by providing a personalized, comprehensive view of an investor's entire portfolio, investment professionals can make more informed and tailored decisions for each investor based on timely data. The data shows that as trust between the investor and advisor increases, an investor may allow management of a greater amount of household wealth.

Pacholski added "Providing investors with a holistic report of their investments could sound like a costly offering. Investment professionals need to know that there are cost-effective solutions on the market that provide customized data reporting, such as our Albridge solution, which provides investors with a personalized rate of return."      

The paper offers insights and strategies for investment professionals to gain and retain clients in this growing on-demand investing environment. Other key insights include the following:

  • Investors are demanding more sophisticated, transparent, personalized performance data, regardless of portfolio size.
  • Providing money-weighted return reports provides investors with a more accurate and complete investing tool, building a deeper level of confidence and trust.
  • According to the 2010-2011 PNC Wealth and Values Survey, 74% of wealthy individuals want "greater transparency" from their financial institutions. Similarly, 77% of respondents said information and technology integration allows them to better manage their investments.

To obtain a copy of the white paper, Democratizing the Rate of Return: Real-time Portfolio Performance and Risk Reports for all Investors, visit www.albridge.com.

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