January 19, 2016

Why we donated our Boat Races sponsorship to Cancer Research UK

Written by: Michael Cole-Fontayn | EMEA Chairman, BNY Mellon

Why we donated our Boat Races sponsorship to Cancer Research UK

Michael Cole-Fontayn

One of the most gratifying times at BNY Mellon is when we hit on an elegant and impactful way to express the values of our organisation to a broad audience. The game-changing announcement this week involving our sponsorship of The Boat Races, presents us with one of those proud and privileged moments.

Following last year’s historic races – which saw the men and women’s races take place on the Tideway on the same day – we powered diversity in bringing gender parity to the Boat Races.  Leaders at BNY Mellon and Newton reflected on how we could further our meaningful investment and effect even greater societal change in 2016. In short, we asked the question at the centre of our culture and business: what next?

The outcome was the decision to donate the title sponsorship for the Boat Races to Cancer Research UK, the Boat Race Company Ltd’s chosen charity partner and the world’s largest independent cancer research organisation.  Trailblazing a new model for corporate sponsorship and demonstrating the very tangible organisational commitment we have to making investments today that drive a better future.

The events will hence be known as the Cancer Research UK Boat Races and all fundraising linked to the Boat Races will be donated to a very worthwhile charity.

There are more than 161,800 deaths from cancer each year in the UK, with a survival rate of only 50% for 10 or more years in England and Wales. Cancer Research UK is on the front lines of this battle, with an ambition to accelerate progress so that three in four people survive cancer by 2034.

Cancer Research UK views collaboration as a key to innovation, a value we share. For over 230 years, we have brought this same spirit of collaboration and innovation to our business.

Today, we are as invested in the future of finance as we are in the communities in which our 50,000 colleagues around the globe live and work. We know that our success as an organisation is built on pulling together with our partners to achieve an outcome greater than the sum of our parts.

Just as we helped to change the course of rowing history in 2015 when we welcomed the women’s crews to the event, we hope this form of corporate sponsorship will become more common place with other companies also choosing to make corporate sponsorships drivers of change for good in their communities.

To follow the lead up to this year's boat race on Sunday, March 27, 2016, follow @BNYMellonRaces on Twitter or use the hashtag #PullTogether

You can also find information on Facebook via this link:  The Boat Races

And you can learn more about Cancer Research UK on their website, Twitter and on Facebook.

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