March 17, 2016

Hannah Eves: From Apprentice to Apprentice Ambassador

Hannah Eves

Hannah Eves

In our fourth installment in a week-long series of stories in support of National Apprenticeship Week in England, Hannah Eves from our Manchester office shares her story of going from an apprentice to Apprenticeship Ambassador.

After speaking at an event late last year about the value of apprenticeships, I was approached to become an official representative for a local organisation called Apprenticeship Ambassadors to help improve understanding about apprenticeships as a viable and successful route into a career.

I was more than delighted to accept as I have first-hand experience and understand how difficult deciding the best route to take following school, college, or even later in life when thinking about a new career, can be.

When I was 18, an apprenticeship provider visited my college and talked about the opportunities that were available locally as alternatives to attending university. BNY Mellon had recently opened in the city centre and was recruiting. I hadn’t thought about an apprenticeship before and it sounded like an ideal way to gain work experience and try something different.

I joined BNY Mellon in 2007 in an entry level role in Cash Operations and after passing some technical exams in 2009, I embarked on the company’s degree programme and graduated in 2013 with a degree in financial planning and management. The training, education and mentoring I received helped me to recognise what I am good at, what I am motivated by and enjoy, and what steps I need to take to help me on my journey to where I want to go.

Today I work in a senior managerial role within the operations team. My role provides flexibility which is even more important now I have a young son, enabling me to work to support my family and be there for my family too.

As an Apprenticeship Ambassador, I regularly attend events and visit schools around Greater Manchester to talk about apprenticeship options and help to give career advice to those making big decisions about their future. I speak about my own career journey to students and parents who are curious about the apprenticeship route.

I always advise anyone undertaking an apprenticeship that they should take every opportunity available, you never know what doors may open and what you can achieve.

I have worked at BNY Mellon for nine years and feel that an apprenticeship can provide a genuine pathway to success. Apprenticeships are a great way to gain practical skills and knowledge in addition to theory from a textbook. Job experience, plus industry qualifications, is a formula that gives you an edge in a competitive market and helps to generate real opportunities to progress.

If you are interested in joining BNY Mellon’s Manchester office as an apprentice, please visit and search ‘apprenticeship.’ Alternatively contact The Skills Company on 0161 233 2645 or click here.

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