April 20, 2016

CEO Gerald Hassell: Hamilton's Legacy Lives On

Written by: Gerald Hassell | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BNY Mellon

Alexander Hamilton

Today’s Treasury Department decision to keep Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill is a fantastic show of support for America’s first and greatest financial entrepreneur. This is a true moment of democracy in action as Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway hit played a pivotal role in bringing public awareness to Hamilton’s contributions to our country.

In addition to founding the company I lead today, Hamilton’s accomplishments include designing our banking system, authoring the majority of The Federalist Papers and founding our national mint and official currency. I may be biased, but if there is anyone whose portrait should remain firmly in our hearts, minds and wallets, it’s Alexander Hamilton’s.

As I have said before, just as important as preserving Hamilton’s legacy is honoring the enduring efforts of the women pioneers who took enormously impactful steps towards building our country. Treasury’s decision to redesign the $20 bill to feature Harriet Tubman and depict several of the women who contributed to our democratic legacy on the back of the $10 bill is a powerful statement that represents the strides we have all made together.

It’s fitting that Alexander Hamilton, who is such a historical symbol of financial infrastructure, intellect and democracy, will continue to be the face of our modern money. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew once commented that our currency is a way to make a statement about who we are and what we stand for – and with his decision today that is exactly what we are doing.




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