September 27, 2016

Ana Sancho: Business Intelligence as a Gateway to Analytics


Ana Sancho, Global Network Manager for Treasury Services at BNY Mellon, brought an experienced user's perspective to the session on SWIFT's Business Intelligence (BI) portfolio at Sibos on Tuesday, September 27, characterizing BI as a good way for companies beginning the analytics journey to become better acquainted with the application of analytics to their own operations and how to begin realizing the corresponding benefits.

Recapping BNY Mellon's experience with BI, Sancho says:  "Payments are a key aspect of our Treasury Services business, and we've always understood that improving the efficiency of our operations is a win for us and our clients."

"As a SWIFT member bank, we were familiar with BI as an analytics tool, and it just made sense to utilize it as part of our initial analytics investigations.  Our experience was extremely positive, and we'd encourage others to think of BI as a good way to gain some practical analytics experience."

BNY Mellon's extensive commitment as a company to analytics has raised the sophistication of the company's capabilities to an entirely new level.  "Over the past several years, we've seen the launch of our cloud-based NEXEN® digital platform, which includes Digital Pulse, our big data analytics platform that provides actionable insights both to our clients and to ourselves," adds Sancho.

"Having access in our new NEXEN environment to analytics that can be as granular as evidence-based inputs to help individual employees do their job more efficiently is an extraordinary advance compared to where we were just a few years ago," says Sancho.  "But as the old expression goes, everyone journey has to begin with a first step, and for us, SWIFT's Business Intelligence portfolio was a good place to start."




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