August 09, 2016

A Day in the Life: 5 BNY Mellon Interns on their Typical Day

BNY Mellon Summer Analyst Program interns

BNY Mellon Summer Analyst Program interns

Wondering what it’s like to intern at a global investments firm? As part of our August content series on BNY Mellon’s Summer Analyst Program, we asked several of our interns to describe their typical day. Each intern we feature below is in a different business and location, but they all agree that there is no typical day.

On a typical day, I’m spending 40% of my time on front-end development work, another 40% on user experience (UX) design work, and the remaining 20% is spent on various meetings, intern events, routine tasks or side projects. It’s fun because most days are different. – Alexandra B., Technology, Pittsburgh

I do not think any day is really the same. As an intern you will have meetings, networking events, trainings, speakers, etc. all on top of your daily work.  Even the daily work can change. I would say my typical day would consist of working on a large project my manager assigned to me and then I would have events sporadically throughout the day and would come back to my work in between those events.  – Max T., Audit, New York

I spend about 20 minutes when I get into the office reading various financial news sources. The rest of the day is never the same. I get to work on different projects for different managers on my floor, and even some on other floors. More often than not, I have a meeting or phone call with someone at BNY Mellon to learn about their job and previous experiences. – Drew M., Wealth Management, Pittsburgh

My typical day consists of training. The rest of the day involves doing some Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) testing, which is where we test processes and controls to make sure that they are effective. Every day is different, but there’s always something going on from WebEx meetings and online training to conference calls. I’m constantly busy, which is nice! – Valerie O., Finance, Manchester

One of the most exciting parts of my day is being involved in the team's morning meeting. I get to listen to the portfolio managers thinking about company updates, current events and macro trends and how these may impact their portfolios. There is sometimes a trading aspect to these meetings, which often means that the portfolio managers make real-time investment decisions, which is also quite exciting. One of my goals this summer has been to contribute to the morning meetings with interesting and relevant news. This has pushed me to think analytically about current events and news articles I read. I often find myself asking whether this could have any impact on a stock or a sector! – Anushree G., Investment Management, Boston




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