August 15, 2016

7 BNY Mellon Interns on the One Lesson that Sticks with Them

BNY Mellon Summer Analyst Program interns

BNY Mellon Summer Analyst Program interns

Throughout August, we’re providing a peek at what it’s like to intern at BNY Mellon. One of the benefits of an internship is the opportunity to learn and get hands on experience. In our latest installment of our Summer Analyst Program content series, we wanted to hear from our interns: “What is one experience or lesson from your internship that you’ll take with you?”

Step outside your comfort zone
The biggest lesson I learned is that it’s very difficult to grow as a person and employee by being shy.  I am lucky enough to have interned with BNY Mellon for two summers now. My first year, I had a lot of regrets.  At networking events, I would leave disappointed in myself because I was too shy to introduce myself to new, important people. Now, that sounds so silly because that was the actual point of the event. Expanding your network will do some incredible things for you. You’d be surprised. – Juliana G., Treasury Services, Pittsburgh

Don’t hesitate to ask questions
The biggest lesson that I will take with me is to speak up when you want to know more.  There have been plenty of times where I have run into situations like calculating Net Asset Values or analyzing SuperSheets where I felt unsure or confused about what was going on. Raising my hand or asking my managers a question has been my best tool to combat this confusion. Utilizing their years of experience and knowledge via meaningful questions has proven very useful throughout my experience. – Chris S., Investment Management, Brooklyn

That asking for help isn’t a problem! As long as you’ve tried your best, and exhausted all you can do, it’s much better to ask for help in overcoming a difficulty than to flounder in silence. – Conor H., Global Client Management, London

Communicate concisely
Get straight to the point. Not everyone has the time to read my elaborate and beautifully written emails or hear me talk to them for hours, so I have learned to keep my responses meaningful, relevant and concise. – Sanura D., Asset Servicing, New York

Talk with people in other parts of the business
During my internship, I made it a goal of mine to sit down and talk with over 20 individuals in different business segments within BNYM to gain outside perspectives on the various business lines. This experience has been a truly valuable one because of the difference connections I made. I am currently in audit, but also have an interest in capital markets and wealth management. Speaking with individuals in both of these segments has opened my eyes to the various options at BNY Mellon. Everyone has been very open and willing to take the time to speak with me, which has given me a deeper appreciation for the people in this organization. – Josh B., Audit, Pittsburgh

Take advantage of the training
I’ve taken skill sharpening courses and learned about Investor Relations, how to do SOX testing, how to make a powerful presentation and how to use Excel. It’s been invaluable so far. – Valerie O., Finance, Manchester

I think all of the classes that were offered to us are lessons that will stay with me for the rest of my career. Learning a few Excel tricks to spring board an analysis or how to really craft a storyline behind a presentation are valuable lessons that help diversify me as business professional. My time at BNY Mellon has also taught me to keep a vigilant eye on the support system that comes with your prospective team. If you can create a support system and surround yourself with people who push and believe in you, you can accomplish great things. – Mohammad A., Risk and Compliance, New York




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