August 29, 2016

10 Tips for Future Interns: Advice from Current BNY Mellon Interns

BNY Mellon Summer Analyst Program interns

BNY Mellon Summer Analyst Program interns

As we close out our Summer Analyst Program series, we wanted to offer our interns’ best advice for future interns. Read on for their tips on how to make the most of an internship.

Network, network, network
Network with whomever you can, whenever you can.  I was once told by the Chief Administrative Officer of a company that he’s only where he is now because of luck. He met the CEO in the elevator.  You never know who you will meet and how, so practice your elevator speech! Ten weeks is much shorter than you think. The opportunities are endless here, branch out and make the most of them! – Juliana G., Treasury Services, Pittsburgh

Work hard, but also meet as many people as you can during your internship. Throughout your internship, BNY Mellon gives you numerous opportunities to network and meet various individuals. I would really take advantage of this. You never know who you may become your mentor, who might become a very good friend, or who you may be working on the next project with. It is easier to work with people and ask questions when you already have a relationship with them. – Max T., Audit, New York

I would advise interns to meet with as many people in the bank as possible. It is through these interactions that you can figure out what you want to pursue as a career, and also learn some great lessons from seasoned professionals. There are so many different types of functions in this company, so you are bound to make a connection with one of them. Also, spend time networking with employees who recently graduated, as you could can get an idea of what the entry-level roles are like in that line of business. – Drew M., Wealth Management, Pittsburgh

Get to know the company’s culture and values
Attend as many BNY Mellon events as possible, whether it is organized by an employee or business resource group or a presentation being made by other groups within BNY Mellon. These events not only provide more information on what BNY Mellon does throughout the business, but they also give you the opportunity to network and assess the culture and values of the company. – Sanura D., Asset Servicing, New York

Say hello to people
Make yourself known within your department and the organization. If you come into this program and keep your head down and just complete your work and leave at the end of the day, you’re really not getting the most out of this opportunity. You should say hello to everyone you walk past, spark a conversation with someone in the coffee room or even send emails out to people to see if you can chat with them about their role in the organization. These relationships you create early on will turn into professional relationships that will ultimately help you in the end. – Josh B., Audit, Pittsburgh

Be proactive with your time
My advice to future interns is to be proactive with your time. If you find yourself at your desk with nothing to do, go ask your manager for something to work on. If they don’t have anything for you to do for a few hours, make work for yourself. By this I mean doing things like creating a networking map that you want to complete during your internship, setting meaningful short-term goals, or researching BNY Mellon or the subject matter you are working on so you can leverage your knowledge going forward. This program offers a ton of value, but much of it can be missed if you are not proactive with your time. – Chris S., Investment Management, Brooklyn

Trust yourself and your ability to learn and adapt
If it’s your first internship, don’t stress about what you may not know going in. As an intern, people expect you to ask a lot of questions—and the vast majority of people are eager to help. They hired you for a reason, and if you weren’t up for the job, you wouldn’t have made it to the other side of the interview process. Above all, trust in your ability to learn and adapt—you’ve made it this far after all! – Alexandra B., Technology, Pittsburgh

This experience is really what you make of it. The hard part is over – you got the internship, so you know that the team you’re working with sees something in you. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions, change a process, and ask questions because making an impact could be as easy as asking why. – Mohammad A., Risk and Compliance, New York

Don’t overthink or psych yourself out just because the task and responsibility looks large. Back yourself. You were chosen by the recruiters for a reason. BNY Mellon believes in you, or they wouldn’t have given you the internship or the task. Just hit the ground running, take it one step at a time and ask for help if you need it! – Conor H., Global Client Management, London

Stay open minded
Be open minded. While having some understanding of a business line before you join it is useful, you do not know exactly what you will be working on over the course of the summer. So stay open to different activities and tasks as they may help you connect the dots. – Anushree G., Investment Management, Boston

Don’t eat lunch alone – get involved
Never eat lunch alone – this is advice that was given to me and it has definitely made a difference in my summer experience. Yes, everyone is busy, and it may be tempting to eat lunch at your desk sometimes.  But take that hour or half hour to sit down and socialize and bond with the other interns. You’re all here for a reason, so take every opportunity to ask each other questions, work on projects together, and hang out after work! Also, don’t forget to get to know some of the full-time employees, especially the leadership program alums. During orientation, I remember hearing about a recreational volleyball league that some employees played in. I asked around and ended up joining the team. Don’t be afraid to reach out! There are plenty of other activities, too. During orientation, there’s this event where representatives from groups such as WIT (Women in Technology) and IMPACT (Inspiring Multicultural Professional Acceleration) come to speak about how you can get involved. So long story short: get involved! – Charlene L., Technology, Jersey City




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