August 03, 2016

10 BNY Mellon Interns Share the Best Advice They’ve Received

BNY Mellon interns

BNY Mellon Summer Analyst Program interns

This summer, BNY Mellon welcomed nearly 250 interns from colleges and universities in the U.S. and U.K. into our Summer Analyst Program. Curious what it’s like to intern on Wall Street? We’ve asked some of our interns to answer questions about their experiences. Throughout August, we’ll feature their responses to each question. Up first: “What was the best advice you received during your internship?”

Ask Questions
The best advice I received during my internship was from a recruiter during orientation – ASK QUESTIONS!  I think many college students fearfully enter their internship thinking they are supposed to know everything about the job they will be performing. This is a huge misconception. By asking questions, you are expanding your knowledge so that you can perform better. Not only that, but it also shows your recruiters or colleagues that you are interested in learning more about the topic, which always leaves a great impression. – Juliana G., Treasury Services, Pittsburgh

Several people have told me again and again to ask questions, and while it may seem obvious, it can be one of the most difficult rules to act on. However, asking questions is often the most direct path to progress. You won’t learn everything in week 1—in fact you won’t learn everything by week 10—so a readiness to ask questions is definitely necessary. – Alexandra B., Technology, Pittsburgh

Don’t hesitate to ask questions or try new projects – you may be surprised by the perspective you bring. – Anushree G., Investment Management, Boston

My mentor’s advice on first day as a Summer Analyst was very simple: ask questions. The managers and other employees within your department are fully aware that the interns are coming into the workplace with little experience and knowledge about what the group does. The best way to change that is to ask questions…and a lot of them. No question is a dumb question when it comes to learning a whole new business. – Josh B., Audit, Pittsburgh

Get out there and meet people
The best advice I have gotten has been, “Meet as many people as you can.” Reaching out and networking with people across the company has been an exciting and informative process.  It has taught me if you want to learn something about someone or gain an understanding of a topic, you have to ask!  Expanding my network within BNY Mellon has helped me to learn about different areas of personal interest outside of my internship assignment.  I have also gained many valuable relationships that I can leverage when seeking full time career opportunities after graduation. – Chris S., Investment Management, Brooklyn

My mentor told me to make sure that I network with as many people as I can and to build as many relationships as possible: “It’s not so much what you know, but who you know.” – Valerie O., Finance, Manchester

Seize the opportunities
Make the most of every opportunity. Take a vested interest in what you’re doing and make sure to seize the moment because you never know what will come from speaking up. – Mohammad A., Risk and Compliance, New York

If you’re given an opportunity, take it! Even if the challenge seems overwhelming, it’s always worth at least considering. There are so many people around you to learn things from, so if you have questions, don’t be afraid to reach out. Everyone’s been in that spot, and is willing to help you out as long as you ask nicely. And don’t forget to say hi to people and smile! It’s refreshing and it brightens everyone’s day. – Charlene L., Technology, Jersey City

Find the right job for the future
The best advice I received during my internship came from Ian Stewart, CEO of Treasury Services. He came to meet with interns as part of the Summer Analyst Program. He talked about the importance of finding the right job. However, he not only focused on the type of work, but also factored in location and the size of the company. This made me really think about where I want to see myself working in the long term. – Drew M., Wealth Management, Pittsburgh

Take things as they come
To take it one day at a time. Focus on being the best you can be every single day, and don’t think beyond that unless you absolutely need to. The rest should fall into place. – Conor H., Global Client Management, London




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