February 08, 2016

Treasury Services Golds: Best in U.S., Best White Label Services

Excellence as service provider for corporate clients and client banks lands two coveted 'best' rankings in 2016 Global Finance survey

BNY Mellon's Treasury Services business scored two important 'bests' in Global Finance magazine's 2016 rankings of Best Treasury and Cash Management Providers. BNY Mellon was named Best Treasury & Cash Management Provider in the U.S. in the rankings by country, and Best Global White Label System Provider in the global rankings by service category.

This year's best ranking as a white label services provider marks the 9th consecutive year that BNY Mellon has topped this category. This is the first time that BNY Mellon has also won gold as Best Provider in the U.S.

Reflecting the company's strategic commitment as a treasury services provider to the corporate market segment, BNY Mellon's distinction as best provider in the U.S. was established servicing a large and highly diversified client base. BNY Mellon provides an extensive array of receivables, payment processing and treasury and cash management services to large corporations, not-for-profits, government agencies, banks, and non-bank financial institutions. Examples of notable recent product and service enhancements include the introduction of intraday liquidity and payment analytics that provide clients with powerful insights and tools for improving their cash management and treasury operations.

"Ranking 'best' in the U.S. category shows that we're continuing and strengthening a tradition of banking excellence at BNY Mellon that's endured for more than 200 years. Across a broad range of treasury services innovations, we’re finding new ways to support BNY Mellon clients at virtually every stage of the investment life cycle," said Ian Stewart, executive vice president and chief executive officer of BNY Mellon's Treasury Services business. "Our 'best' for white label services shows that we're succeeding in transferring our strengths as a treasury services leader to the outsourcing solutions we provide to our client banks," Stewart said. 

Among the five largest participants by fund transfer volume in CHIPS and Fedwire, BNY Mellon has long been a leader is USD payment clearing. With locations in 100 markets in 36 countries on six continents, BNY Mellon is leveraging its leadership in USD clearing and recent investments in a robust new global payments infrastructure to further enhance its standing as a leading global treasury services provider.  

"Whether our clients are corporates or client banks, we're all about 'best' in helping them achieve their business objectives,” said Alan Verschoyle-King, executive vice president and global head of sales & relationship management for BNY Mellon's Treasury Services business. 

"Our strengths vary by geography — in the U.S., our support includes truly one-of-a-kind offerings like our extensive wholesale and retail lockbox capabilities, while on a global basis, client banks rely on our international payments, trade services and other wholesale and outsourcing offerings. Two common denominators extend across all of our offerings. The first is excellence. The second is a strategic objective that makes us truly unique: we're absolutely committed to maintaining the diversity of the global banking ecosystem.

"We think banks are indispensable in supporting their clients' treasury and cash management needs. By achieving real-world standards of excellence as a treasury services provider, and then applying those standards to the development of new and innovative solutions, we believe that we're helping to maintain the vitality and diversity of the transaction banking ecosystem," Verschoyle-King said.

Global Finance bases its rankings on a readers' poll; input from industry analysts, corporate executives, and technology experts; and independent research. A variety of subjective and objective criteria are used, including profitability, market share and reach, customer service, competitive pricing, product innovation, and differentiation from the competition around core services. Full results of the magazine's exclusive survey will appear in the March 2016 issue.




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