July 21, 2016

Manchester employees spin to New York – and beyond

Manchester employees spin to New York and beyond

Participants cycled through the day and night to meet – and then exceed – the target distance

Employees from BNY Mellon’s Manchester offices in the UK set themselves a bold challenge – to cycle the distance from Manchester to New York in 24 hours and raise money for their charity partners.

The goal was to cycle the 3,334 miles using 12 fixed spin bikes placed in our offices at Hardman Street and Piccadilly Gardens. Starting at 3:00 p.m. on July 14, 2016 and finishing 24 hours later, 236 employees and 28 guests took part in the challenge, spinning through the day and night.

Surpassing all expectations the target was reached by 8:20 a.m. Despite this, participants decided to keep going to see how far they could go. In the 24 hours, the team cycled a total distance of 5,041 miles which, according to a quick search on the internet, is almost as far as Las Vegas, as the crow flies.

The special event was designed to raise money for a number of charities supported by our Manchester offices, including George House Trust, MIND, ReachOut!, The Royal British Legion, Salford Foundation and The Together Women’s Project (part of Salford Foundation).

Funds raised currently total more than £4,000. BNY Mellon will donate an additional 50% of the total amount raised by way of company matching.

Elizabeth Potier, Manchester CAO, said, “This was easily the biggest ever fundraiser we have organized in Manchester. The goal was challenging and the scale was ambitious, but we did it! The buzz throughout the challenge, even at 4:00 a.m., was great and we are thrilled so many people took part.”




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