March 09, 2016

Gearing up in Brussels to cycle to work

Gearing up in Brussels to cycle to work

Commuter congestion in Brussels is among the world’s worst, with city drivers wasting 83 hours a year in traffic and only 6% of morning commuters choosing to cycle to work each day.

In response, our Brussels office decided to try and tackle the challenge through promoting bike commuting. During the annual mobility week, they distributed free city bike rental cards and displayed a cycling map of Brussels to help connect bike commuters in the office so they could ride into work together.

The office also joined The Bike Project, a program in Brussels offering cycling classes to local workers, organizing group rides and hosting workshops to make city offices more conducive for employees with bikes. As part of The Bike Project, 23 BNY Mellon employees participated in a ‘bike to work’ experience and a training session to learn skills which make cycling in traffic easier.

Following this training, the office set a new challenge: ride the equivalent of the 5,883 km distance from Brussels to New York in two weeks! Each day, employees recorded the distances they cycled, weekends included, and the office installed four home ‘trainer bikes’ and a “smoothie bike” to help achieve their goal.

With the warmer months fast approaching, our employees are gearing up to encourage others to remove their bikes from storage, get out into the better weather and, at the same time, do their part to ease congestion.

If you’re in Brussels, cycle with us!




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