July 03, 2015

British racing team set to shine at World Solar Challenge

British racing team set to shine at World Solar Challenge

CUER takes a different approach to solar-car design than most teams in the World Solar Challenge. By putting aerodynamics at the forefront of their design process, they have a much smaller car than most teams.

Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) has one of the best chances in a decade at winning the World Solar Challenge, the world’s foremost solar endurance race.

Participating racing cars in the World Solar Challenge showcase cutting-edge sustainable engineering and demonstrate the incredible potential of electric vehicle technologies. The grueling 3,000 kilometer race across the heart of Australia from Darwin to Adelaide will take place October 18-25, 2015.  

CUER, a student organization that designs, builds and races solar powered vehicles, is a not-for-profit organization that is mainly funded through corporate sponsorships and private support. BNY Mellon is one of its sponsors.

“By designing a car to run on solar power alone, CUER is driving the step changes in vehicle efficiency and new technologies for a low-carbon future,” said Scott Stevens of BNY Mellon.  “Their passion for innovation in clean technology is truly awe-inspiring. We’ve seen the early designs of this year’s solar-powered vehicle and believe the CUER team has an incredible opportunity to do extremely well in this year’s race.  Roll on October!”




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