June 19, 2015

BNY Mellon signs Diversity Charter Ireland

BNY Mellon signs Diversity Charter Ireland

Jeff Pamplin, Managing Director, BNY Mellon signs the Diversity Charter Ireland in Dublin

On June 16, BNY Mellon signed the Diversity Charter Ireland at an official signing ceremony in Dublin to mark Ireland’s National Diversity & Inclusion Day.

The Charter, launched in October 2012, is a voluntary commitment and a public statement by organizations to promote effective diversity and inclusion with respect to all stakeholders and the environment in which they operate.   

By signing, BNY Mellon pledges its commitment to diversity and inclusion by upholding the Charter’s key principles, which are:

  • Continually work to ensure the company has a corporate culture that is characterized by respect and appreciation for our diversity
  • Promote the company’s commitment to diversity in the workplace by training management and staff as appropriate
  • Respect and promote the application of all aspects of the principle of non-discrimination in organizations
  • Endeavour to reflect the diversity of society at every level of BNY Mellon
  • Involve our employees, customers and suppliers in our diversity and equality initiatives
  • Reflect, where appropriate, within company reports our commitment to non-discrimination and diversity

Speaking at the event on the value of the Charter, Kara McGann from Ibec, the national voice for business in Ireland, said: “With 29 organizations sharing best practice and knowledge as part of Diversity Charter Ireland it shows how leaders in business recognize the value of diversity and inclusion to their business and the benefits it offers to individuals, organizations and society.

“Every major cultural, operational, or strategic change in business requires commitment and senior executives leading by example, which companies like BNY Mellon have shown by being willing to stand up and be counted.”

Joe Duffy, Head of Global Client Management, Europe and Ireland Country Executive, BNY Mellon, added: “We strongly believe that having a truly diverse mix of people at all levels is key to developing a modern business culture. Businesses perform better when they value the different intellectual and philosophical perspectives, as well as the different life experiences, that a diverse workforce can bring.  

“There’s clearly more work to be done to develop the right ecosystem in companies and society to nurture more diverse talent from all walks of life, but I am confident the progress made in Ireland in recent years is a solid indication of the direction we as a nation are heading in.”




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