September 18, 2015

BNY Mellon named in #Awesome100 diversity list

BNY Mellon named in Awesome100 diversity list

Inclusive Networks, a hub for celebrating diversity and inclusion in the UK, has published its second list of Awesome Networks. BNY Mellon’s LGBT employee network, Prism, has made the top 100 company networks in the country.

The list aims to celebrate the positive impact that network groups of all types and from all sectors have and to thank those people who selflessly coordinate the networks, many who do it on top of their day jobs.

“We set out to make all our diversity networks truly impactful within our organization, and it’s thanks to the ambition of our employees that we’ve achieved that aim with Prism,” notes Joanna Symes, BNY Mellon’s EMEA head of Diversity & Inclusion.

“Prism has opened our business up to international communities which challenge us to think differently. It has created – and will go on creating – important links between our LGBT colleagues and their allies in the wider LGBT community across the globe, as well as other supporters of LGBT rights.”

Symes added: “Whether it’s looking at gender, sexual orientation, disability or culture, our ability to change the perceived opinion of what a financial services company can achieve comes from that diversity. As a business, we will continue to drive our diversity and inclusion agenda to ensure that all our networks are recognized for their invaluable contribution to BNY Mellon’s culture.”

To learn more about diversity and inclusion at BNY Mellon, click here

Inclusive Networks aims to bring networks of all diversity strands together, to learn from each other, to share, to collaborate and most importantly, to celebrate the many successes of network groups, the people who make them come alive and the employers and organizations who support them and help them flourish.

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