March 25, 2015

BNY Mellon Investment Boutiques Singled Out for Performance

Mellon Capital, The Boston Company, Standish and Dreyfus Recognized for High Performing Strategies

Mellon Capital Management and The Boston Company Asset Management (TBCAM) were singled out in Pensions & Investments’ 2014 Top Performing Manager’s Special Report for managing top-performing strategies, and Standish and Dreyfus by U. S. News for managing the top world bond fund in 2014.

Mellon Capital Management had three strategies highlighted in the report.

In the commingled fund Equity category, the high-performing Mellon Capital strategies that were cited were: 

  • Mellon Capital Tangent Added for five-year returns
  • Mellon Capital EB DO Midcap Core for five-year returns

In the commingled fund Fixed Income category, the Mellon Capital strategies cited by P&I were: 

  • Mellon Capital EB LT Government Bond Index for one and five year returns

TBCAM had five strategies highlighted in the report.

In the separate accounts category, the high-performing TBCAM strategies that were cited were: 

  • TBCAM Global Natural Resources for one-year returns and five-year returns
  • TBCAM Global Focused Income for one-year returns
  • TBCAM International Small Cap Equity for five-year returns

In commingled accounts, the TBCAM strategies noted by P&I were: 

  • TBCAM Mid Cap Opportunistic for one-year returns
  • TBCAM International Equity for one-year returns and 5-year returns

U.S. News said it ranked the Dreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Income Fund as the top world bond fund, based on the ratings of leading fund industry researchers. U.S. News said the fund takes a middle route that balances predictability and returns.




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