November 03, 2016

Anita Borg Institute Names BNY Mellon a Top Company for Women in Technology

Anita Borg Institute

For the second consecutive year, the Anita Borg Institute (ABI),  a non-profit organization focused on the advancement of women in computing, has named BNY Mellon to the ABI’s 2016 Top Companies for Women Technologists Leadership Index. 

The national benchmark program named 25 organizations as leaders in recruiting, retaining and advancing more women in technical roles.

“We are honored to again be part of this impressive list of companies,” said Lucille Mayer, Head of Client Experience Delivery and Global Innovation, BNY Mellon. “Our company has a long tradition of commitment to diversity and inclusion in all areas of our workforce. As a woman technologist and a mother of a daughter I am particularly proud to work at a company that is a leader in the efforts to advance women in technology, an industry where they are largely under-represented.”

In its sixth year, Top Companies is a quantitative assessment that uses data supplied by participating companies and a rigorous statistical methodology to objectively score participants on a number of key metrics. This year, the Anita Borg Institute evaluated 60 companies with more than 1.4 million US employees, including 552,000 technologists across 10 industries, and found 25 companies that scored above the industry mean.

“The rigorous evaluation conducted by ABI gives all participants the chance to reflect on our programs for women and technology and continually raises the bar for all of us,” said Suresh Kumar, CIO, BNY Mellon.  “This benefits not just women in technology at BNY Mellon, but women in technology across the board.”




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