Invested in Our Communities

Hear BNY Mellon employees share their most impactful memories from volunteering through the company’s Community Partnership program

Invested in Our Communities

September 22, 2015

BNY Mellon’s Community Partnership program empowers employees to support the communities where they live and work around the globe. Employees can volunteer, donate and fundraise for the organizations they care about and receive matching company donations and paid time off to volunteer.

Since the inception of the Community Partnership program in 2008, BNY Mellon‘s employees have contributed more than $95 million to charities, including company matching donations. Employees have also contributed 475,000 volunteer hours. In 2014, BNY Mellon employees formed 1,700 volunteer and fundraising teams in 22 countries around the world. Employee volunteerism increased by 20 percent year over year to 127,000 hours, including 32,000 hours for skills-based volunteerism such as board service, legal service, mentoring and workforce development. Employee giving through Community Partnership increased by four percent and totaled $15.2 million, including company matching donations.

But the numbers behind the program only tell part of the story. Employees have powerful memories of the impact they’ve been able to have by getting involved and supporting their communities. Watch as employees from the U.S., Brazil, U.K. and India share their experiences from raising money to buy new kitchen equipment so that a charity could increase the number of meals it serves to helping to identify that a second grader’s reading challenges were linked to an unaddressed hearing disability.

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