October 26, 2015

Risk Culture Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

Risk Culture Throughout the Employee Lifecycle


At BNY Mellon, managing risk is an expected norm and a core part of everyone’s role. Employee engagement survey results show that 96 percent of employees were aware of the key risks relevant to their work. So when is the importance of a strong risk culture embedded and reinforced? As the infographic shows, it happens at every point in an employee’s career — including recruitment and hiring, training, leadership development, advancement and mobility — as well as through BNY Mellon’s compensation and performance management processes. Beyond compliance, employees are held accountable for being effective stewards of a risk excellence culture, and how they carry the culture is evaluated and reinforced at each stage in their career.

Learn more about BNY Mellon’s commitment to a rigorous risk culture across its businesses in its Corporate Social Responsibility Report: www.bnymellon.com/csr.




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