ISO 20022 – Transition and Readiness 

Find an overview of ISO 20022 basics and timelines as well as information about BNY Mellon’s plan to support its clients. 

CPMI sets out harmonized ISO 20022 data requirements for enhancing cross-border payments

This final report, a key deliverable under the G20 cross-border payments program, focuses on harmonized data requirements for the use of ISO 20022 messages in cross-border payments. The 12 data requirements in this report are an important step towards further harmonizing the use of ISO 20022 and helping to achieve the G20 cross-border payment target of improving cross-border payments for all.

What is ISO 20022 and Why Does it Matter?

As the ISO 20022 standard gains traction across payment and messaging market infrastructures, financial institutions must prepare to adopt the new standard to access the improvements it will bring.  

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