Letter to Shareholders 2015

Letter to Shareholders

Dear Fellow Shareholders, Clients and Employees,

In 2015, we executed against our strategic priorities, and the results were evident in our financial performance.

We are proud of what we accomplished this year as our financial performance improved against many of the measures that matter most. We are meeting our three-year Investor Day goals and positioning the company to be even more effective and successful. Yet, we realize that we have more to do.

We are energized and up for the challenges our industry is facing, with a strategic plan designed to tackle them and drive success. We remain dedicated to managing our company to create long-term shareholder value regardless of the environment.

Our company, like many other financial services firms, has been grappling with the pace of global change and post-crisis economic, geopolitical and regulatory complexities. These challenges have required us to evolve in order to thrive in the years ahead.

With a largely new leadership team in place, we have been transforming culturally, structurally and operationally. We have re-examined our competitive strengths and strategic priorities, while adapting to changing regulation. We have realigned our organization to focus our energies on what we do best. Importantly, we have also been letting go of what is not working for us through the sale or closing of under-performing businesses. And we have been investing in next-generation technology platforms to simplify our operating environment, lower structural costs and deliver innovative and strategic solutions for our clients.

We are also committed to improving and transforming the client experience. We are convinced that innovating and collaborating with our clients will deliver better, more efficient solutions for them and will accelerate our revenue growth in the years ahead. The world expects us to have the highest levels of service, resiliency and reliability. We are determined to deliver.

We are playing in a competitive space, but we have a distinctive strategy we believe in. And we remain confident that we can deliver on our Investor Day goals.


Summary of 2015 Financial Results, Year-Over-Year

Earnings Per Share graphic comparing 2014 to 2015

On a GAAP basis, we earned $2.71 per share in 2015, up 26 percent compared to 2014. On an adjusted basis, we earned $2.85 per share, up 19 percent from last year’s adjusted EPS.1 Nearly all business lines were positive contributors to this improvement.

No Interest Expenses comparision of 2014 to 2015

On an adjusted basis, we reduced our expenses 2 percent compared to 2014.1 Our business improvement process and cost discipline more than offset continued strategic investments to enhance client service delivery, improve our technology platforms, and strengthen our risk management, compliance and control functions.

Pre-Tax Operating Margin Comparing 2014 to 2015

Our adjusted pre-tax operating margin was 31 percent, up 270 basis points versus 2014, and we generated 420 basis points of positive operating leverage.1

Return on Tangible Common Equity

We achieved an adjusted return on TCE of 21 percent, up from 18 percent in 2014.1 Return on TCE reflects the value we are creating from the investments we are making.

1 For a reconciliation and explanation of these non-GAAP measures, see pages 125-131 of our 2015 Annual Report.


Delivering Results in All Market Conditions

It was a challenging revenue environment in 2015. Yet, we remained on track to meet our three-year performance goals set in late 2014 – goals which called for healthy earnings growth not reliant on improved market conditions. Our success during 2015 notwithstanding, we are far from satisfied. Our journey is just beginning.

Revenue 3.5-4.5% 2%
EPS 7-9% 19%
Return on tangible
common equity
17-19% 21%
1 For a reconciliation and explanation of these non-GAAP measures, see pages 125-131 of our 2015 Annual Report.
2 Three-year performance goal assuming flat interest-rate scenario.

Our total shareholder return for 2015 was more than 3 percent, outpacing the S&P Financials Index, which declined 2 percent.

Invested in our Strategy to Drive Success

We have a clear set of strategic priorities designed to capitalize on our expertise, scale and trust while strengthening the client experience. Our goal: driving economic value for our company and our clients.

Invested in our Strategy to Drive Success

Driving Profitable Revenue Growth

Our improved performance reflects our heightened focus on profitable and disciplined revenue growth. We are not focused on driving gross revenue and expanding our market share at any cost.

We leverage our insight and expertise to continually create new sources of value for clients and shareholders. At the same time, we are also examining each business and solution we offer to ensure they are working well for us and our clients.

Leveraging Expertise and Scale

  • We are making strategic platform investments in high-growth markets that enable clients to leverage our expertise and scale. In the process, we are improving our clients’ efficiency as we lower our costs. We are also improving our services and providing clients with sophisticated tools and insights to manage increased marketplace and regulatory complexities. We are seeing evidence that our solutions are resonating with clients and our investments are paying off. As an example, we won a significant middle-office contract to service approximately $770 billion in assets for a prominent investment manager.
  • We are involving clients in co-creating solutions to meet their evolving needs and incorporating their feedback on the innovative solutions we have under development. We now have six innovation centers in strategic locations globally, including Silicon Valley. They enable us to harness emerging and disruptive technologies and to tap into the best talent in the world for our clients’ benefit.

Delivering Innovative Strategic Solutions to Clients

  • In Investment Management, our efforts to align our investment portfolio with the fastest growing strategies are contributing to our results. Our U.S. retail initiative is focused on extending the reach of our investment strategies to third-party intermediary advisors and growing the Dreyfus distribution platform. Our Wealth Management sales force expansion in the fastest-growing U.S. wealth markets, combined with the broadened service offering from the collaboration with our Pershing subsidiary, has enabled us to grow our private banking offering nationally.
  • Our acquisition of Cutwater Asset Management, a U.S.-based fixed-income and solutions specialist, has enabled us to extend our liability-driven investment strategies offered by Insight, our highly successful LDI boutique, into the U.S. market. The acquisition also enhanced Insight’s research resources and increased their capacity in the strategies most widely used by our international clients.
  • We continue to enhance our collateral management systems and foreign exchange (FX) electronic trading platforms to provide broader capabilities for term financing, securities lending, managing collateral and capturing more FX trading volume.

Increasing Our Technological Edge to Revolutionize the Client Experience

Technology is one vital component of our quest to deliver excellence to our clients.

Our technology innovations will make it easier for clients to do business with us. They will also reduce costs for them and us. Our innovations will also enable us to create new solutions for our clients, providing additional revenue streams and enhanced future profitability.

We are boldly advancing our use of new technologies to create a more digital enterprise, ensuring delivery of the next generation of innovations for our clients. We have made significant investments and advances already, but we recognize that we have more work to do.

We are making further investments in the resiliency and reliability of our proprietary systems to help ensure the seamless delivery of critical services to our clients.

The world depends on us to have a highly reliable network. We hold ourselves to that standard.

NEXEN, our next-generation technology platform, enables client and developer innovation and consolidates solutions from BNY Mellon, select third parties and clients onto one secure, intuitive and powerful platform. The open architecture platform will allow us to integrate with complementary third-party providers and fintech solutions emerging in the industry. It will provide a consistent client experience across businesses and regions while offering clients increased flexibility and new opportunities to leverage services and data.

NEXEN embodies innovation, both in its use of leading-edge technology and its establishment of a digital ecosystem for financial services. We believe NEXEN is a real game-changer for us and our clients.

Executing on our Business Improvement Process

Our business improvement process is leveraging our scale and expertise to deliver efficiency benefits to clients and improved results for our company. It is strengthening service quality and client and employee productivity, while reducing risk and structural costs.

Our success on this front is reflected in 1) a better client experience; 2) lower expenses in nearly all categories; and 3) improved margins in our businesses.

Here are some examples of our business improvement process at work:


  • Sold Meriten, our German-based boutique
  • Realigned our UK transfer agency operating model to improve profitability
  • Exited the derivatives clearing business
  • Streamlined our APAC Investment Management operations
  • Shut down our separately managed account offering for APAC

down arrow

Redeploying our capital



  • Simplifying and automating our end-to-end global processes
  • Optimizing and streamlining our technology infrastructure; lowering annual infrastructure investment
  • Reducing our real estate footprint; balancing our workforce globally
  • Analyzing and measuring our service delivery costs to better align our costs with client pricing

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Improving service quality, while reducing risk and cost

Being a Strong, Safe, Trusted Counterparty

We recognize the importance of our organization to the financial marketplace. We have maintained the strong capital and liquidity positions and high credit ratings that our clients expect of us. We have also continued to invest in and focus on compliance, risk management and control functions to help ensure our continued safety and soundness.

Actions to Increase our Safety and Soundness:

  • Reduced and simplified our counterparty exposures
  • Implemented a new system to meet Volcker reporting requirements
  • Strengthened our capital adequacy process
  • Invested in and focused on compliance, risk management and control functions
  • Made significant investments in our resolution and recovery plans
  • Completed a program to reduce intraday credit risk exposure in our tri-party repo business

Generating Excess Capital and Deploying it Effectively

We are using our capital wisely and maintaining a strong balance sheet. Over the last four years, we generated more than $12 billion of tangible capital. In 2015, we returned $3.1 billion of that capital to shareholders in the form of share repurchases and dividends even as we have increased our capital to meet new higher regulatory requirements. Our payout ratio in 2015 was 97 percent on an adjusted basis,<sup>1</sup> near the top end of our targeted range of approximately 80-100 percent. Over the last four years we have reduced our shares outstanding by 13 percent, which is among the best in the industry.

Attracting, Developing and Retaining Top Talent

Our people are our ultimate competitive advantage and we are continuing to invest in them globally. We are focused on attracting, developing and retaining top talent. Our philosophy is simple: if we are committed to attracting and developing highly talented people and helping them reach their full potential, it will manifest itself in positive ways for our clients and all our stakeholders. It is a reliable formula. We do this by providing an inclusive and collaborative culture with unique opportunities to learn, grow and take career ownership.

Invested in Being Socially Responsible

Corporate and personal accountability is at the core of our business strategy. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices help us to earn the trust of our clients and other stakeholders. They also promote transparency and encourage innovation for a better world.

We focus on three CSR strategy pillars:

  • Market Integrity: As the Investments Company for the World, we play a significant role in helping financial markets remain stable, efficient and resilient. We are committed to a rigorous risk culture across our businesses.
  • Our People: Our progress on this front was evident in our improvement in employee engagement globally, driven by increases in leadership, performance management, career opportunities and risk management, and continued strengthening in measures of diversity and inclusion.
  • Our World: We continue to demonstrate our commitment to promoting sustainable practices. We are advocates for the rule of law and recognized leaders on climate change.

Our total employee and company contributions to charities in communities around the world increased in 2015 to nearly $40 million, including donations to support flood relief efforts in Chennai, India. As part of our Powering Potential philanthropic focus, we continued to work with our non-profit partners to provide workforce development opportunities for underrepresented groups. Over the past six years, we estimate that this support has helped more than 100,000 people around the world.

Reflecting our continued progress in these areas, our company was named for the second consecutive year to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World), one of the most highly regarded global sustainability indices.

Looking Forward

We remain confident in our ability to achieve our three-year performance targets.

Given the challenging market conditions as we begin 2016, it is critical for us to drive efficiencies and stay focused on executing well on our priorities. We continue to identify opportunities to reduce corporate overhead and to leverage scale in operations, technology and distribution – while investing in revenue, technology and regulatory initiatives and delivering a high level of service to our clients.

I want to thank all of our team members and my Executive Committee partners for rising to the occasion to meet the heightened expectations we’ve set for ourselves, beyond those of our clients and shareholders.

I would also like to thank our Board of Directors for their strategic counsel and for continuing to challenge us to ask more of ourselves and our company. My special thanks to William C. Richardson and Richard J. Kogan, who will not stand for re-election to our board. Both have served our company for nearly 20 years. They have made significant contributions during an extended period of growth, change and strategic realignment, and I am personally grateful for their guidance and support.

Thank you to my fellow shareholders for recognizing our tremendous potential and having faith that we will continue to realize it.

Gerald L. Hassell

Gerald L. Hassell
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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