Our 2016 Annual Report

Invested in Our Clients

Our clients drive and guide us, and rightly expect us to be the very best. We are working closely with our clients to enhance investment performance in an evolving world.


Our 2016 Results

16 percent

compared to 20151

negative 2 percent

compared to 20151

180 basis points

compared to 20151

1 For a reconciliation and explanation of these non-GAAP measures, see pages 121-126 of our 2016 Annual Report.



Our Chairman and CEO

“We’re very proud of our financial performance for 2016. Our earnings per share were very strong. Revenues were up, our expenses were down, we produced positive operating leverage, our operating margin improved and we produced a very strong return on tangible common equity.”


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Business Improvement Process

Our Business Improvement Process
Executing on Our Business Improvement Process

Our business improvement process is creating efficiency and quality benefits for our clients and reducing technology, operations and structural costs for us, while enabling us to fund our growth, new client solutions and risk and regulatory compliance initiatives.

Invested in Our Clients


Invested in Our Clients

We are positioning ourselves to be our clients’ partner of the future.


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