Four Ways Great Leaders Support Employees During COVID-19

BNY Mellon Perspectives Tip Sheet

Four Ways Great Leaders Support Employees During COVID-19

BNY Mellon Perspectives Tip Sheet

April 2020

Working from home (WFH) has become the norm for many of us. Managers and leaders need to flex with the times to ensure team cohesion and business continuity. It turns out getting the most out of employees means being the most understanding of their needs.

  1. Practice Empathy and Compassion
    Everyone’s circumstances are different. Your people could be dealing with a COVID-19 illness in the family, struggling with the ability to work from home efficiently, or just experiencing general stress. Team leaders need to really listen and be compassionate to each person’s situation. For example, parents will need defined times during the day to be with their children. By being flexible, we all support the kind of employee resilience that’s key for continued effectiveness.
  2. Provide Work Flexibility and Time to Disconnect
    You’d think that with WFH, people would be experiencing less stress—turns out it’s the opposite. Disconnecting during the day and taking extended time (yes, even vacation days) helps employees physically and mentally recharge their batteries. The lines between home and work are more blurred than ever, so it’s essential that employees disconnect. Make it a “soft mandatory” for employees to have lunch with their families, get any kind of exercise, or use the occasional vacation day.
  3. Communicate and Connect Frequently
    The best way to keep teams and individuals engaged is to conduct frequent check-ins. Keep them focused with realistic goals and expectations—and bring an optimistic tone to the conversation when possible. Managers and leaders should prioritize connection so people can feel like a part of something larger—even when apart. Leaders need to listen just as much; creating a real, two-way channel where employees can give feedback on what’s working well or what they need to be more effective.
  4. Be a Positive Role Model
    BNY Mellon has an internal blog series called “Window on My Work,” where our leaders share personal WFH experiences. When you personalize the message and are open about your own challenges, it encourages connection and a sense of community. This is truly a time for managers to “lead by example.”

Being supportive and providing time for home schooling, being with family, looking after pets or caring for themselves is key to keeping employees engaged. A great leader’s own actions in this time will show how gratitude and empathy can encourage positivity and give teams permission to perform at their peak.

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