Migration to Digital Assets Accelerates

Financial institutions are at different stages in analyzing, adopting and integrating digital assets. To uncover important themes and assess institutional needs regarding this new asset class, BNY Mellon commissioned Celent* to survey 270+ institutional investors across the globe, including asset managers, asset owners and hedge funds.


Find out how investor demand and a maturing infrastructure are accelerating adoption of digital assets.

*Celent is a member of the Oliver Wyman group, a global research and advisory firm. This report was commissioned by BNY Mellon, at whose request Celent developed this research. The analysis, conclusions and opinions are Celent's own.

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  • By the Numbers
  • 41%
    of institutional investors hold cryptocurrency in their portfolios today
  • 15%
    additional institutional investors plan to hold digital assets in their portfolios within the next two to five years
  • 91%
    of institutional investors are interested in investing in tokenized assets

Find Out What We Discovered

“We are on a journey towards a future where blockchain and related capabilities will transform the financial services landscape.

— Mike Demissie, Head of Digital Assets and Advanced Solutions, BNY Mellon

Digital Assets survey respondent profile by industry

Survey Respondent Profile


A breakdown of survey respondents by industry

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