Pathways Program

BNY Mellon Powering Potential Thought Leadership Summit

On October 11, 2012, five nationally recognized thought leaders in the areas of child welfare and workforce development came together with more than 60 key community leaders, stakeholders, providers and funders to explore how to power the potential of youth aging out of foster care.

As a result of this summit, BNY Mellon has published a new report about the challenges of youth aging out of foster care, an issue that affects more than 25,000 young people in the United States annually.

Entitled "Pathways: When Johnny Ages Out," the report outlines the unique challenges faced by this population, which include a scarcity of housing and jobs and financial stress due to gaps in their education. Twenty percent of youth experience homelessness in the first few years after aging out of foster care, and ninety percent earn less than $10,000 annually in the 12-18 months after they age out.

The report includes the views of local and national leaders in the field of supporting youth who participated in the thought leadership summit. Their presentations, which are also captured in a video, addressed the issue from different angles and included a national scan about the scope of the problem, an overview of regional funding issues and a discussion of 21st century job clusters.