Pathways Program

Powering Potential. Investing in Possibilities. Realizing Dreams.

Powering Potential, BNY Mellon's philanthropic focus, is designed to help others in need by concentrating on basic needs and workforce development. BNY Mellon works with its community partners to provide food, clothing, energy and housing assistance to those who require immediate help. The company's workforce development investments are designed to improve access to employment through job training, education, mentoring and skills development, adding a rung to the ladder of opportunity.

Caring about our communities is a cornerstone of BNY Mellon's philanthropic philosophy. In 2011, the company launched a $6 million Pathways Program, a global workforce development initiative over five years to assist vulnerable youth with a special emphasis on assisting youth aging out of foster care with making the transition into adulthood. As part of the initiative, BNY Mellon is collaborating with leading public and nonprofit agencies in the United States, United Kingdom and India to enhance education, job training and career development opportunities for a population at risk for severe challenges including chronic unemployment, poverty and homelessness.

At the heart of it all, BNY Mellon's charitable giving is about lifting others. It's our more than 50,000 employees around the globe powering the potential of the communities in which they live and work.

Current Outcomes and Impact of Pathways Program

Since the program's start, BNY Mellon has donated $2 million toward grants in support of 450 vulnerable youths.

As a result:

  • 81% of the youth receiving support through our programs surpassed the statistics predicted for this population. These youth have either successfully obtained a high school diploma or equivalency certificate, enrolled in an education program and/or obtained employment.
  • Only 1% of the youth in our programs reported to be homeless or living in a homeless shelter after receiving support, contrary to national statistics for this population.
  • Our employees and executives are increasingly engaged and interested in this cause. In 2011, approximately 300 BNY Mellon employees volunteered as coaches and mentors and three executives joined the boards of our charity partners.

Pathways Program

Powering Potential. Investing in Possibilities. Realizing Dreams.

Powering Potential Video

Watch a powerful video highlighting the enormous potential of youth aging out of foster care to succeed educationally, economically and in the workforce. If inspired, please help raise awareness by sharing this video.

Powering Potential

By partnering with organizations that have a positive history of providing targeted support and services, we can collectively help this population stay connected to services and programs that help them build real and life-long skills.


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Powering Potential. Investing in Possibilities. Realizing Dreams.

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