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Key Features

Custody Activity

Review transactions with a level of detail and accuracy, viewing by account, date, asset type, location, transaction type or transaction status. You can even search for a particular security, currency or reference number as well as produce transaction summaries and reports with unparalleled specificity


Custody Holdings

Easily track the status of trades, positions and securities; view near real-time traded and settled positions; and drill into the detailed status of trades and holdings information. All with a single, consolidated view across your holdings, so you can see precisely what you need—and only what you need—at any moment.


Cash Accounts Summary

See your currency accounts in near real-time, anytime. View opening balances and use adjustment entries to forecast end-of-day totals and closing balances. Plus, you’ll see if you have an overdraft, or if one is projected. You can oversee all your steps without switching applications.


NAV Construction

See the steps of the NAV process so you can track funds through the various events in their lifecycle and proactively address issues. Get a clearer picture of every move a fund makes, so you don’t have to slow down to see near real-time data.


NAV Impact Analysis

Get a deeper dive into NAV fluctuations, so you can spot any significant changes, see what’s causing them and, ultimately, help make sure you’re accounting and pricing correctly.


Data Interface

Built-in integration delivers faster, cleaner, near real-time data. Automating the flow of data increases straight through processing and reduces friction in your operational workflows.



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