Celebrating Pride Month 2021

Meet Our Employees

Celebrating Pride Month 2021

June 2021

Samrat Chitrao

Lead Manager, Client Processing

Pune, India

Meet Samrat


Samrat joined the BNY Mellon in July 2010 as a Team Leader in Corporate Trust, moving through various roles before landing in his current role leading BNY Mellon’s EMEA Transfer Agency Dealing and Registration team. Samrat's team caters to clients across UK, Ireland, Luxembourg and Singapore, providing them a range of administrative services.


What excites you about working at BNY Mellon?


Short and honest answer — Everything!


What does Pride Month mean to you?


The definition of pride is “the feeling of pleasure that you have when you or people who are close to you do something good or own something good.”


We pride ourselves on being inclusive, we pride ourselves on being respectful to each other, and we pride ourselves on our culture. For me, Pride Month means a celebration of being yourself, reinforcing equal rights for everyone and celebrating the family that LGBT+ members choose. It is also a testament to how far we have come in terms of acceptance of the LGBT+ community while still recognizing how far we have to go to be truly Inclusive. Through BNY Mellon India’s PRISM Employee Resource Group ("ERG"), we focus on creating awareness and staff sensitization around the importance of Pride Month and LGBT+ rights in the country. While there has always been a need to be inclusive, we struggled with how to be inclusive. I’m happy to say that we are getting there one GIANT step at a time!


Tell us how you’re living our ‘passion for excellence’ value at BNY Mellon.


As a Co-Chair of the PRISM Ally India ERG, my focus is on ensuring that we develop a culture of appreciation, and more importantly, are aware and educated about the LGBT+ community. There is a conscious effort to hire talent from the community who would add value not just with their competency in the role, but will also create a diverse culture in the team! When hiring staff from the LGBT+ community in the last few years, the entire process from onboarding to their acceptance in the team has been seamless. I truly believe ‘passion for excellence’ comes when you invest in your success, and your success comes from the people you work with!


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