Celebrating Diversity Month 2021

Meet Our Employees

Celebrating Black History Month

April 2021

Mike Demissie

Asset Servicing and Digital

New York, NY

Meet Mike

Mike is Head of Digital Assets and Advanced Solutions. The Digital Assets unit was formed to accelerate the development of solutions and capabilities to help clients address growing and evolving needs related to the growth of digital assets. Experts within the Advanced Solutions group apply emerging capabilities like machine learning and AI to deliver high-value products and solutions across the enterprise.


What excites you about working at BNY Mellon?

We have a great mission at BNY Mellon “to power individuals and institutions succeed in the financial world.” I find it incredibly rewarding to contribute to this goal working alongside a talented and motivated team, developing new products and capabilities that will shape our future.


What does “celebrating diversity” mean to you?

Not only is investing in diversity the right thing to do, it leads to better business outcomes and our personal experiences will be richer because of it. And I believe better understanding of different perspectives will bring us together as communities.

Within my group, we’ve built a team of more than 30 individuals with diverse backgrounds and skillsets. It’s a global team with people from more than a dozen countries with equally diverse professional experience ranging from telecom, fintech, financial services, healthcare, engineering and academia. I believe our collective experience and different perspectives make us stronger as a team. There is a lot more to diversity than representation. It is critical that every team member’s voice is fully heard and considered. We act on the best ideas wherever they came from which helps imbue our team with a sense of ownership and empowerment.


Tell us how you’re living our “courage to lead” value at BNY Mellon.

Given my group’s focus on emerging space like digital assets and rapidly evolving capabilities like AI, it is our responsibility to anticipate our clients’ future needs. Taking bold actions now to position our firm for the future requires courage. It also means dealing with uncertainty, practicing prudent risk management and having honest reflections to learn and make adjustments along the way. I see it as an awesome responsibility in an incredibly exciting field.


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