Celebrating Pride Month 2021

Meet Our Employees

Celebrating Pride Month 2021

June 2021

Maria Antonia Casarin

Relationship Management, Asset Servicing and Digital

São Paulo, Brazil

Meet Maria Antonia


Maria is responsible for the relationships with asset managers who are hired by BNY Mellon administered funds, as well as the relationships with distributors who are linked to BNY Mellon. Maria’s role involves continually assessing client needs sharing experiences and market trends that can result in new revenue for the company.


What excites you about working at BNY Mellon?


Working at BNY Mellon motivates me because we aim to develop our employees both professionally and personally. Since joining the bank, I’ve worked in a few capacities, enabling the development of my technical knowledge about the business and the importance of BNY Mellon in the world. Through BNY Mellon’s affinity groups, I was able to understand the strength of diversity, equity and inclusion in the company and how this is a unique institution. The fact that our leadership is so engaged in Pride Month provides me with a sense of belonging.


What does Pride Month mean to you?

The date that started with [the Stonewall] riots, today is recognized as Pride. The recognition of this milestone puts the spotlight on the LGBT+ cause and the people who — in the not-so-distant past — were not seen as belonging to society and, consequently, worthy of respect. For me, Pride Month is a sign of strength, endurance and love. The rainbow demonstrates that LGBT+ is not just one color, but several colors. To evolve as a society, we need respect for everyone in it. Whether you are homosexual, heterosexual, cisgender or transgender, we are all allies when the cause is love. After all, love is love.


Tell us how you’re living our ‘integrity’ value at BNY Mellon.


When I assumed the co-leader role of PRISM LATAM last year, it unfortunately coincided with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. When a virtual presence became the norm, I realized that when asking ‘how are you?’ to someone, the answers were not as simple as before. Answering that question is more difficult now. I started to hear the feelings of people who were once a presence in my life on a daily basis, but with the pandemic, we could not maintain the same proximity. I started to ask those colleagues to participate in the PRISM LATAM group, and I realized that their involvement united everyone in the same cause and feeling. Despite the change in our interactions, the desire to be part of a world based on love and respect has remained constant. Today, even physically distant, I have the same intentions: show humanity, act with passion and challenge myself to always be the best version I can be.


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