Celebrating Diversity Month 2021

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Celebrating Black History Month

April 2021

Fengzi Li

Enterprise Innovation


Meet Fengzi


Fengzi, who holds a PhD in Engineering, is a data scientist in the company’s Asia Pacific Innovation Center under Enterprise Innovation. She works on a cross-functional team to accelerate experimentation and incubation of new products and services across BNY Mellon's Asset Servicing business and Digital. 


What excites you about working at BNY Mellon?


Every day, I feel that BNY Mellon’s values are truly embedded throughout the working environment. This provides abundant opportunities for me to develop and excel. The diverse and inclusive culture is built by everyone at the company.


What does “celebrating diversity” mean to you?


Celebrating diversity is an everyday practice to me – it means recognizing the incredible value that our differences bring and appreciating people for their different experiences, both professionally and personally.


BNY Mellon’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is what attracted me to this bank. Our company embraces the value and benefits of different perspectives. Prior to joining BNY Mellon, my education and professional experience was in engineering. I had also taken a two-year gap from the workforce to be at home and focus on my two young sons. This time with my family was incredibly fulfilling for me, and as a stay-at-home mom, I developed new skills as well. 


My journey back into the workforce, and my career pivot, started after I attended an industry-sharing session hosted by my Master of Science in Business Analytics program at the National University of Singapore. BNY Mellon was an event participant, and I was drawn to the finance industry. I subsequently worked my way towards a spot as one of the seven Outstanding Capstone Project Award winners for my master capstone project with the BNY Mellon Asia Pacific Innovation Center.


During the recruitment process, the BNY Mellon people I spoke with made it very clear that different industry backgrounds are very much valued here. They helped me realize that transferable skills – in my case, project management and analytical skills, plus parenting skills – would stand me in good stead.


Tell us how you’re living our “passion for excellence” value at BNY Mellon.


Two things drive my passion for excellence. One, my internal desire and two, my team. My personal goals and principles align with the company’s values and this provides me with the most suitable environment to develop and live as who I really am. This value is embedded in the culture of Enterprise Innovation, and we often share how we are bringing it to life during our global team meetings. I am not only inspired by my manager, but also by my team members to continue to carry this value into my daily work.


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