The Greatest Value

Comes From the

Freedom to be Yourself

At BNY Mellon, we strive to be the best. And being the best comes from our differences—our unique perspectives, experiences and expertise.

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Who We Are Defines How We Move Ahead

In today's complex financial world, we must explore each challenge by approaching it from multiple perspectives. Diversity and inclusion are our differentiating strengths that ensure we continue to look forward.


Nurturing Diverse Talent

Our enduring ambition is to build the best global team—one that is inclusive of differing perspectives, backgrounds and experiences, and represents the increasingly varied markets and clients we serve.

Creating an Inclusive Culture

What we do defines who we are. That's why we deliver programs that support well-being and offer a range of family-friendly, inclusive employment policies and employee forums to support the engagement, development and advancement of our people.

Setting a Market Standard

We stand by our actions. We set goals with specific targets that prioritize diversity and inclusion throughout the talent life cycle, from recruitment and development to retention and advancement. And we speak out on the important issues that affect our employees, and society at large.

  • Our philosophy in action
  • 41%
    women in our global workforce
  • 28%
    women executive leaders
  • 42%
    underrepresented ethnic/racial groups amoung U.S. hires
  • Our philosophy in action*
  • 41%
    women in our global workforce
  • 29%
    women senior leaders
  • 27%
    women on our board

*As of December 2020

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are integral to our winning culture and global success. These valuable networks create the conditions for our people to succeed and deliver more—for clients, investors, stakeholders and each other.

GENEDGE improves collaboration across generations and regions to leverage thought diversity to solve business problems. The primary aim of GENEDGE is to drive high-impact ideas by promoting educational, social, charitable, networking and collaboration opportunities for professionals across the firm—especially those who are interested in being new or developing leaders, managers and senior executives. Their programs include reverse mentoring and a Shadow Executive Committee program.


Intergenerational Awareness Month 2021: Meet Our Employees

HEART elevates awareness of disabilities and promotes a safe, respectful and welcoming environment where all employees feel included, valued and able to contribute their diverse abilities. Providing practical support, this group has spearheaded closed-captioning capability for deaf and hard-of-hearing colleagues, and sponsors relevant events, such as an annual Disability Mentoring Day.

IMPACT provides a resource for the recruitment, retention, professional development and advancement of multicultural employees. Its Leadership Forums (Black, Latinx and Asian) serve as an incubator for leaders and sponsors, and event programs like Courageous Conversations educate employees and create space for candid conversation.


Celebrating Black History Month 2021: Meet Our Employees


Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 2021: Meet Our Employees

PRISM promotes LGBT+ inclusion for the benefit of all colleagues and the company through workplace activities and external engagement. In 2019, PRISM collaborated on the company's Transgender Guidelines: Gender Transition, Identity and Expression, a global suite of resources for managers and employees in support of transgender and broader LGBT+ inclusion in the United States, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


Pride Month 2021: Celebrating Our Employees

Learn more about our U.S. Employee and Manager Transgender Guidelines

Learn more about PRISM in Asia Pacific

VETNET serves as a resource, advocate and network for BNY Mellon’s veterans, military spouses, family members and their colleagues. VETNET members are active in every phase of the ERG's mission and the company's support for veterans, including: recruitment, sponsorship, mentorship and career development of veteran employees, internal recognition of the value of military service and external support for veterans.


Veterans Month 2021: Meet Our Employees

WIN supports the advancement of women at BNY Mellon by offering a deep roster of professional development opportunities, including leadership roles, mentoring and sponsorship, skills training, and networking with peers, clients and the company’s executive leadership. WIN's Male Allies program helps to break down the perception that gender equality is a woman's issue.


International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month 2021: Celebrating Our Employees

  • Our philosophy in action
  • 41%
    women in our global workforce
  • 28%
    women executive leaders
  • 42%
    underrepresented ethnic/racial groups amoung U.S. hires
  • Our Philosophy in Action*
  • 35%
    ethnic/racial minorities in our U.S. workforce
  • 44%
    ethnic/racial minorities among U.S. new hires
  • 36%
    ethnic/racial minorities on our Board of Directors

*As of December 2020

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