Our Commitment to Serving Clients in Saudi Arabia

Our Commitment to Serving Clients in Saudi Arabia

Mona Alhussain

Chief Executive Officer

BNY Mellon Saudi Financial Company


As one of the world’s largest asset servicers, BNY Mellon has been at the forefront of change in the financial world for over 230 years. We have served clients in the Middle East for over 100 years and recently established the BNY Mellon Saudi Financial Company to meet local clients’ custody needs as they develop their investment strategies and support the Kingdom’s transformation.


Delivering on these strategies and building diversified portfolios requires a trusted, flexible partner with advanced asset servicing capabilities.  At a global level, BNY Mellon is committed to systemic resiliency and continued digitization.  Our open and objective stance on technology and innovation means that we work to develop solutions that help reduce friction and increase transparency throughout the investment lifecycle.


In Saudi Arabia, we engage in arranging custody and securities portfolio lending.  Additionally we provide, via our global capabilities and platforms, Global Risk Solutions, Global Institutional Accounting, foreign exchange and associated services to a broad range of Asset Servicing clients. 


As a major global financial institution, we strive to uncover new ways of ensuring sustainable economic growth that protects healthy markets and delivers value not only to our clients, but also to communities, businesses, governments and people everywhere.  This aim extends to our presence in Saudi, and we look forward to collaborating with our clients, participating in knowledge transfer and expanding our philanthropic initiatives to contribute to the success of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision and beyond. 


Corporate Information


BNY Mellon Saudi Finanical Company, a subsidiary of BNY  International Financing Corporation, regulated by the Capital Market Authority, and licensed to conduct Custody Services.

CMA License: 20211-04

License Date: 13 07 2020

Paid Capital : SAR 50,000,000

Commercial Registration issued on 23/08/1442 H corresponding to 05/04/2021 G under Commercial Registration Number 1010699547

Legal Form: Closed joint Stock

Major shareholders / controllers: BNY International Financing Corporation