Technology Blog - Q&A with Lena Wackowska

Technology Blog - Q&A with Lena Wackowska

Q: What attracted you to a career in technology?


A career in technology was not top of my consideration list when I left university! My first job after graduation was in the area of Risk, but I have always been attracted to the rapid pace of change associated with technology - both in the development of new technologies as well as the impact that those developments have on businesses and individuals.  So when I saw the opportunity to work within BNY Mellon’s Asset Servicing technology business, I seized it!


Q.  What appealed to you most about your role as Business Analyst at BNY Mellon?


The opportunity to work on such a wide variety of projects for a global organisation is fantastic from a career development standpoint. Since starting my current role in 2018, I have collaborated with, and learned from, technology colleagues across the globe on a diverse range of projects.   I’m encouraged to voice my opinion and there are lots of opportunities to contribute and make a visible, positive impact on the organisation for the benefit of our clients.  


Also, as an advocate for women in technology, I find it inspiring to work in a company with female role-models such as Bridget Engle, who leads the firm’s technology group.  There are also many established internal networks which provide invaluable and career development support such as our Women’s Initiative Network’s sub-committee ‘Women in Technology’.


Q: What has been the biggest challenge faced so far in your career?


On some occasions I have faced challenges from changing project deadlines. Fortunately, I work with some great individuals across our different offices and we work together to ensure that all of our projects goals are delivered on time. I am a very big fan of the Henry Ford quote as it perfectly reflects the attitude and spirit within my team:


“Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot, you are right” (Henry Ford)


My successes have been backed by a strong attitude to win as well as support from colleagues who are pulling in the same direction. As a result, I have managed to further develop within my career and have a full appreciation for the people in my global teams.


Q: What advice would you give to anyone looking to develop their career in technology? 


There are so many different career avenues within technology so, at a high level, I think it is important to know your strengths, don’t be afraid to ask questions and proactively invest time in your career development.  Some people find it helpful to have a mentor – I have been fortunate to work in a team of specialists who are very supportive. I have been amazed at how many growth opportunities I have already had in a relatively short space of time at BNY Mellon. My workplace can only be described as fun, challenging, engaging, supportive and exciting. If you are interested in knowing more about the roles available in our Wroclaw office, visit our Careers site.


Q: What’s next?


I want to focus on extending awareness about career opportunities within technology at BNY Mellon both to employees already part of the organisation and to candidates in the external local market, and to this end I will continue to leverage our 'Women in Technology' community as a bridge between different departments and technology, and as a platform to make connections with other external groups.

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