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Assess the risk and reward profile of investment strategies


Regardless of the asset classes you oversee, BNY Mellon Risk View (“Risk View”) can support your risk measurement and ex-ante (forward-looking) analysis needs to help you make more informed investment decisions. Clients simply log on to our cloud-based platform to see interactive visualizations of value at risk, stress testing, volatility, correlation and more.

Assess the Risk and Reward Profile of Investment Strategies

We offer two methodologies for delivering Risk View, which helps institutional investors quantify and evaluate risk on global, multi-asset class portfolios.

Holdings-Level Service Approach for Risk View

The holdings-level approach to Risk View provides a full revaluation approach using actual investment holdings. As such, clients can get risk transparency into pooled funds, hedge funds and similar types of alternative investments. This bottom-up modeling capability, using security-level detail, supports client needs for sophisticated and robust risk analysis.

Factor-Model Service Approach for Risk View

For some clients, security level data is not readily available. Others may not need ex-ante analysis based on security-level data. By applying advanced factor models to a client’s portfolio returns, we deliver sophisticated risk analytics using a streamlined methodology. Clients get timely and easy-to-access online risk analytics without having to invest significant time and resources into data gathering and model building.

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July 2020

BNY Mellon Endowments and Foundations Study 2020

Key trends in performance and asset allocation for a universe of 93 endowments and foundations using aggregate data from BNY Mellon’s Asset Strategy View®.

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