Distribution Analytics Application

Receive Critical Demand Insights. Drive Strategy and Tactics.

Discover powerful insights into investment product demand drivers and sales momentum across different U.S. geographies. Distribution Analytics is a cohesive, predictive investment data solution for asset owners and managers to understand distribution efforts better. Highly interactive and API-enabled, Distribution Analytics is built upon more than a decade of asset and sales information from 900+ broker dealers and Registered Investment Advisors. With Distribution Analytics, asset managers can better define their overall strategy and tactics for product placement, product management, product creation, and digital communication efforts.

Transforming Distribution Data into Strategic Insights

The predictive application analyzes BNY Mellon’s unique sources of Mutual Fund and ETF data to help different types of users across sales, marketing, strategy, finance, and product management better understand what is driving demand, how markets are ranking, and where momentum is predicted with artificial intelligence (AI). Via interactive user screens, Distribution Analytics leverages three key elements: Demand Clusters, Market Profiles, and Sales Momentum.

  • Demand Clusters: Unique clustering schema that groups local markets into common predictive behavioral patterns and sensitivities.
  • Market Profiles: Monthly updated and detailed quantitative insight into specific product flows, which include many dimensions, such as performance, risk expense, and asset class.
  • Sales Momentum: Projections for national and localized changing sales patterns expressed with short-term AI-based momentum time series measures.

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