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Your Long-Term, Unbiased Partner


Look to BNY Mellon as your long-term, unbiased partner with the size, strength and sophistication to navigate loans and their challenges.


Investors are increasingly looking to loans for attractive yields, lower volatility and floating-rate protection. We service loans efficiently and effectively, drawing upon deep expertise in cash flow administration and accounting.




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As the CLO market evolves to meet new regulatory requirements, you need an independent trustee and collateral administrator that can work with you for the life of your transaction.


To best support our clients, we are committed to providing leading loan technology and innovative tools. Check out our latest solution, LoanArc – our new online reporting service offering available on BNY Mellon NEXENSM


Our wide array of Syndicated and Leveraged Loan services include: 

  • Loan Data Processing 
  • Collateral Administrator 
  • Trustee Provider 
  • Account Bank & Cash Manager 
  • Issuing & Paying Agent 
  • Registrar & Transfer Agent 
  • Calculation Agent 
  • Warehouse Reporting 
  • Common Depository 
  • Regulatory/FVC/ECB Reporting


Challenging credit markets have increased the need for arrangers and investment bankers to provide more creative financial solutions. We offer global expertise and a reputation for excellence to solve innovatively for these complex arrangements.


We provide sophisticated custodian services and extensive reporting to meet your needs.


Our services include:

  • Monitoring the market value of collateral, along with substitutions/redemptions as required, and providing custom reporting 
  • Using leading technology and cost efficiencies to effectively manage 
  • Enabling a dedicated, globally astute analytics team

Credit Strategies that invest in the loan asset class can be complex, so the key to your success is partnering with an independent administrator that fully understands loans and the challenges they can present.


When you partner with BNY Mellon, we solve for the operational challenges of syndicated loans and other Over-the-Counter (OTC) instruments. We have the global reach and intellectual capital to develop financial tools that can be seamlessly incorporated into your investment strategy.


Our Loan Administration services include:

  • Loan Portfolio Administration 
  • Accurate Financial and Regulatory Reporting 
  • Expertise in European Investment Structures 
  • Position and Activity Reporting 
  • Advanced Technology 
  • Independent Third-Party Cash Management and Account Bank

BNY Mellon’s loan closing service delivers scalable and sophisticated solutions to manage varying volumes of loan trading.


Our loan closing service includes:

  • Preparing LSTA and LMA transfer documents for PAR and Distressed Trades
  • Liaising with agent bank and trading counterparties
  • Calculating break funding costs, delayed compensation, etc.
  • Tracking settlement time-line
  • Delivering executed transfer documents to trustee / account bank

The Third Party Admin Agent service provides an Agent Bank the opportunity to outsource servicing on syndicated loans. By outsourcing the Agent role cost and resource efficiencies are achieved. We act as liaison between the borrower and lenders within the syndicated loan market.


Our services include:

  • Preparing and distributing notices to borrowers and each syndicate lender
  • Calculating interest rates and distribute rate set notices
  • Collecting principal, interest and fee payments from borrower and distribute to lenders
  • Processing lender assignments and maintain official lender register
  • Providing independence with scale and breadth
  • Delivering committed, experienced and knowledgeable product service

Our Insights

May 2021

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Our Corporate Trust experts share a recap of activities in the collateralized loan obligation (CLO) space in 2020 and a look forward into 2021. 

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