Reaping the Benefits of Disruptive Technology

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Reaping the Benefits of Disruptive Technology

December 2018

By Steve Taylor 

Based on the results of a survey and interviews conducted at ENGAGE18, Eagle and Hegarty Group worked together to produce a piece that highlights the increasing value of emerging technologies for asset management.

Our paper addresses current data hygiene, maturity of solutions and organizational interest as the most daunting challenges facing buy-side firms as they adopt these technologies.


Key Findings

  • Alternative Data to Unlock Investment Opportunities – 99% of survey respondents indicated that their organization is already using alternative data sources in some form, highlighting the almost limitless potential of being able to harness big data to uncover new insights.
  • AI and Machine Learning – 50% of respondents reported that their organizations are not using artificial intelligence in any capacity. However, the 50% that are deploying AI and ML have found opportunities to support functions ranging from research, risk management, client onboarding and even sales.
  • The Role of FinTech Players – Nearly half of the survey respondents (47%) said their organization views emerging FinTech operators as potential partners. In sharp contrast, only 11% see FinTech firms as a threat and 2% as a direct competitor.
  • Data Hygiene – Of those surveyed, only 12% recognized the need for buy-side firms to address current data hygiene in order to meet the strict data demands of AI and ML technologies. Eagle has a direct role to play in helping firms address data needs and help firms to understand the role that data will play in leveraging new technologies.

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Steve Taylor

Chief Technology Officer, Eagle Investment Systems




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