Empowering Better Care for Cancer Patients

Empowering Better Care for Cancer Patients

Health care providers and researchers use a new computing lab and software at the Cancer Institute (WIA) in Chennai, India, to access data that informs patient care today and improves treatments tomorrow.


More than 140,000 patients seek treatment each year at the nonprofit Cancer Institute (WIA) in Chennai, India. But until recently, doctors and researchers didn’t have access to the patient medical information they needed due to archaic hardware and software.


Today, thanks to funding and pro bono support from BNY Mellon India, the Institute has a state-of-the-art computing laboratory and web application to manage and process patient data.


The initiative began in 2018 when volunteer BNY Mellon India technologists who were providing data entry training to Institute employees saw the opportunity to help establish a complete electronic medical records system. Through employee expertise and BNY Mellon funding, the hospital now has a powerful cancer registry system that easily captures hundreds of data points on seven types of cancer.

Twenty-eight BNY Mellon employees from across our organization contributed 1,450 pro bono hours to create this powerful lab and software.

“This project will result in improved management of patients and foster clinical research,” said Dr. Swaminathan Rajaraman, Professor and Head of the Statistics Department at the Institute, which consists of a 535-bed hospital, a college of oncological sciences, a preventive oncology division and a research division.


Despite all they’ve accomplished, the BNY Mellon team is not ready to stop. They want to add new features such as a report builder, data visualization tools and machine learning capability.