Corporate Social Responsibility in India

Corporate Social Responsibility in India

BNY Mellon India Community Affairs

Caring about our communities is a cornerstone of BNY Mellon’s philanthropic philosophy. Working with non-profit partners, we invest in initiatives that make our communities better places to live and work. 

India CSR

At BNY Mellon India, our program comprises of:

  1. Philanthropy- We support basic needs projects around ‘Food’, ‘Clothing’ and ‘Shelter’and sponsor graduate and post-graduate education. Since 2011, we have been supporting graduate education of 245 students.
  2. Community Partnership- This program encourages community engagement at all levels of the company by empowering employees and increasing support for local charities, while building meaningful partnerships and team experiences. Community Partnership engages our employees around the world in giving back through individual donations, nonprofit board service, and skills-based and team-oriented volunteering and fundraising.
  3. Government of India Companies Act, 2013 (BNY Mellon India’s CSR Program)- As per the provisions laid out by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the new CSR rule mandates that all Indian entities need to spend 2% of their average net profits over the last three years on CSR activities.

Focus Areas:

  1. Health
  2. Education
  3. Village/Community Development