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BNY Mellon Technology


For over 234 years, as the investment company for the world, we have been leading change in the global financial services industry. BNY Mellon Technology, established in 2000, is a group company of BNY Mellon operating in India, providing technology solutions to the bank. The Technology division has over 13,000 professionals, working across nine innovation centers worldwide, to deliver innovative technology solutions powering BNY Mellon business. BNY Mellon Technology in India is an integral part with over 7000 employees.

BNY Mellon Technology in India operates out of three offices with world-class infrastructure in Chennai and Pune covering 738,000 sq. ft of space. These offices were built with the latest ergonomic and employee-friendly amenities. Our 6,900+ employees form a virtual extension of the global team that work in tandem in developing game changing products and solutions that add value to our clients.

Our Organization

A Legacy of Success

As an innovation-focused company, we specialize in providing insightful and new age technology solutions to help meet our clients' business needs end-to-end. Since our inception in 2000, we have maintained a relentless commitment to develop products and solutions that are designed to improve operational efficiencies, make planning more dynamic and realistic, monitoring and evaluation simple, risk-free and methodical, increase productivity, enhance delivery performance and ensure success for our clients. Guided by a client-first business philosophy from our parent organization, our unique spirit of creativity and innovation allows us to offer services that make our clients' businesses thrive and grow.

Our Expertise

Cutting-Edge Technology Services

Application performance, availability and response times are critical factors for success in the constantly evolving and highly competitive capital markets. Our team of highly knowledgeable experts and professionals have deep domain experience that gives them a thorough understanding of the business parameters that drive the financial services sector. This helps us to deliver fully integrated, end-to end solutions that give our related companies an edge over the competition.

We have expertise in building a wide array of financial systems including broker customer management platform, asset movement systems, back office processing systems, advisor platforms, retail client platforms and institutional platforms. We believe in creating touch points across the spectrum of interfaces to give institutions and individuals ease of use and drive businesses to higher levels of efficiency.

Our organization resonates to a higher calling in developing our people capabilities with separate program management, project development, and people management functions. Our competence lies in bringing together the finest talent in the market and seamlessly integrating technology, strategy and innovative methodologies to craft customized solutions for our clients.