A Week Dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion

A Week Dedicated to Diversity and Inclusion

June 2017

Since 2011, BNY Mellon India has dedicated a week each year to diversity and inclusion. In 2016, India chapters of our Employee and Business Resource Groups hosted a series of events for employees. IMPACT organized “Raaga,” to coincide with India’s Independence Day. More than 300 employees in Pune and Chennai took part in music, dance and drama to celebrate cultural nuances in the regions. IMPACT hosted a panel discussion on generational diversity and business challenges between entrepreneurs representing Generations X and Y. HEART partnered with The Xavier’s Resource Centre for the Visually Challenged to conduct experiential workshops to raise awareness of life with blindness and low vision and encourage participants to reflect on their attitudes toward people with vision impairment. WIN launched its “Real Role Models” series featuring a panel discussion between members of BNY Mellon India’s Executive Committee. They spoke about gender diversity in the workplace, the importance of women pursuing careers and the importance of including men in the gender conversation.

Finally, BNY Mellon India organized a special session to raise awareness of LGBTQA issues such as sexual orientation and gender identity that tend not to be openly discussed in Indian society or in the workplace. A prominent member of the Indian LGBTQA community talked to BNY Mellon employees about his journey to disrupt stereotypes and help them better understand the challenges LGBTQA individuals face

Our Diverse, Inclusive Employee and Business Resource Groups

GenEdge: Taps into and shares the knowledge capital, energy and range of talents within our diverse, multigenerational workforce.

HEART: Increases awareness and education of the needs of people with disabilities.

IMPACT: Provides an invaluable resource for the recruitment, retention, professional development and advancement of multicultural employees.

WIN: Promotes a culture of leadership and sponsorship to recognize and support the professional development and advancement of our women