Community Partnership in Ireland

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Community Partnership in Ireland

By Aoife Stringer and James O'Connell

Aoife Stringer and James O'Connell, site heads at BNY Mellon’s offices in Cork, describe the organisation’s commitment to community partnership in Ireland.

All three of BNY Mellon’s sites in Ireland (in Cork, Dublin and Wexford) have a focus on empowering our employees to address key societal challenges that they care about through our Community Partnership programme. This includes supporting community organisations that exist to address unemployment and inequality by offering skills development opportunities to their beneficiaries. Notable examples of where our teams across Ireland have made a significant positive impact on these issues include:


  • Introducing the world of finance, data analytics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to local young people through classroom-based teaching to those who may not have a direct link to the working world. BNY Mellon volunteers are working closely with Junior Achievement Ireland to help educate and inform.
  • Hosting Raspberry Pi after-school Kids Code Club to support IT skills development in young people, along with workshops aimed at developing coding skills and awareness of career opportunities in technology among young women. In 2018 we launched a partnership with the CoderDojo Foundation, part of Raspberry Pi Foundation, and support their showcase event, Coolest Projects International.
  • Tackling poverty and homelessness through employee fundraising and volunteering at local charities, for example Cork Simon Community.
  • Providing support to those suffering from physical and mental illness and to research programmes targeting the prevention of illnesses which impact the most vulnerable in society. Beneficiary organisations include the National Children’s Hospital - Medical Research Fund (CMRF), the Hope and Dream Foundation and the Cork Mental Health Association.


“Employees across Ireland are very engaged with supporting our local community partners and I think it is important that we support and give back to our local communities in this way.” Aoife says.  "I am proud of philanthropic work the company does, not only in Ireland but on a global scale" adds James "and it’s personally very rewarding to support diverse groups with their unique challenges and also to help young people develop their skills in finance and technology.”


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Aoife Stringer and James O'Connell are the site heads of BNY Mellon’s Cork offices.