Sovereign Institutions

Let the power of our extensive capabilities help drive your success in markets around the world.

Harness the Power of Our Extensive Capabilities to Drive Your Success

As the world’s largest custodian of sovereign institution assets, we understand many of your distinctive challenges, whether they relate to central banks, sovereign wealth funds or national pension plans. We design risk-efficient solutions for each institution, leveraging our full-service investment services capabilities. As a market leader we are driving innovation to suit the evolving demands of our clients, through new asset classes and technology and by transforming data into insight. Asset safety is at the forefront of all we do, and it drives our commitment to managing operational risk and providing best-in-class performance analysis and attribution.

Your Opportunities

Manage Complexity

Water liquidity

Work with our compliance experts to devise strategies and tactics for managing liquidity.

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Get expertise to understand regulatory guidelines and best practices to refine your framework for risk management.

Euro, dollar and yen currencies

Get comprehensive administration services to help your organisation achieve its investment objectives.

Position for Success

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Expand your investment options with expertise from our diverse investment management boutiques.

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Discuss how an outsourced Chief Information Officer option might be the right fit for your organisation.

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Maximise income in a low-yield environment with securities lending, liquidity solutions and more.

Mitigate Risk

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Move to variable cost structure without having to sacrifice oversight of business and operational risks.

Desktop, tablet and smart phone devices

Get innovative technology and dedicated expertise to provide more granular risk and performance reporting.

Benefit assets

Maximise portfolio transparency and risk management through our dedicated managed account platform and plan administration capabilities in the alternative asset space.

Optimising Portfolios

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Get help analysing your capital and liquidity needs to develop strategies to align to your business model with new regulations.

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Leverage our investment management strategies to help you deploy capital more strategically.

Circle distribution

Aggregate and optimise collateral across multiple products, custodians and financing platforms.

Our Thinking


Sovereigns Embark on Digital Journey

As sovereign wealth funds embrace digital transformation, the gap is widening between early adopters able to leverage data and analytics, and those who cannot.

chrome global map with lines connecting around the world

How Hedge Funds Could Win Back Sovereign Wealth Funds

How hedge funds can engage with sovereign wealth funds and respond to their concerns and priorities by articulating changes in the hedge fund industry and the benefits the asset class can deliver.

Looking up at glass ceiling

Central Banks 2018
Trends & Investment Outlook

Disappointing yields from traditional asset classes have led many central banks to rethink their investment strategies.

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Tax & Regulatory Client Forum

BNY Mellon’s EMEA Tax & Regulatory Client Forum is a key way in which we empower our clients to better understand and to navigate their way through this period of change.

Our Capabilities

Asset Servicing

Through our global reach, expertise, breadth of services and innovative technologies, we deliver impactful strategies and knowledgeable insights that can help you make intuitive decisions at every phase of your investment process.


Collateral Management and Segregation

As you navigate market changes and assess the impact on your business, leverage our vision and capabilities to help you seize new opportunities.


Foreign Exchange

Our technology is designed to offer productivity tools, help mitigate operational risks and provide access to local liquidity.

Liquidity Services

Liquid alternatives are one of the fastest growing segments of the market as managers create products to satisfy investor demands.

Securities Finance

Securities financing tools to source liquidity, borrow securities, and lend securities to help enhance portfolio returns.

Investment Management

BNY Mellon is the world’s largest multi-boutique investment manager, encompassing BNY Mellon’s globally diversified investment boutiques, wealth management and global distribution companies. We combine the scale of a full-service investment manager with the focused expertise of autonomous investment boutiques, each with their own style, strategy and management team. Please visit the Investment Management site to learn more.


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